Does reverse image search work on Twitter?

Whether you’re a photographer or just someone who likes to know if your images are being used elsewhere, there are ways in which you can discover your images usage amongst other platforms and users. One method is through a reverse image search. If you’re a Twitter user, you’ll know that there’s an abundance of content where your very own can get lost in.

However, Twitter alone doesn’t offer a service where you can do a reverse image search. Many like yourself, will have to go to a third-party search engine to do such. It’s hard to know which reverse image search engines are actually good, trustworthy and helpful.

Here at Copyseeker, we want you to place your trust in our capabilities, which is why we do our very own tests to illustrate the effectiveness of our very own system. Our most recent test to illustrate its findings on the platform Twitter used a portrait image of a pug in a sweater – adorable.

In our simple test, we used an image from Unsplash and once we let our search engine scope through all the platforms, especially Twitter, our system ranked the findings of said picture in order. Ranking number one was Twitter. Alongside showing the image’s findings on the platform, it also provided a link and page title, providing detailed information for our users to be aware of.


Our test shows that our users can feel secure in using our reverse search engine for Twitter, knowing that results will appear of any image they are trying to find. The use of reverse search engines like Copyseeker provides you with additional information to help you keep track of your images and make sure they and you stay safe.

Don’t let your images get lost within the Tweets with Copyseeker.


by Matt Singleton

I hope you find this useful.

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