Does reverse image search work with screenshots?

The internet is full of a plethora of images and sometimes yours can get lost within the crowd. Using a reverse image search engine allows you to see where your images are being used and how many times they've been featured across sites.

We all know that you can reverse image search with a basic image, but does it work with screenshots? And the answer is YES! Reverse image search engines can search any screenshot across the internet and inform you of which platforms they've been featured on.

And to prove that Copyseeker works with screenshots, we conducted a test.

In our simple test, we took a screenshot of an image from Unsplash and searched for its use across thousands of sites. We discovered that our test screenshot had been used over 300 times across a multitude of online platforms.


The great thing about Copyseeker is that it will show you your screenshots results in order of rank score, informing you of the most used websites your screenshot is featured on.

What we discovered from our test was that even the basic of images were being used across multiple platforms in various social media and blog posts. These sites included Twitter and Linkedin, as well as online publishing platform Medium and many other private sites.


Copyseeker allows you to view where your images have been used online. The test has proven that it works even with screenshots as well as traditional image files and is effective in informing you of a comprehensive result.


by Matt Singleton

I hope you find this useful.

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